Projects for 2015 Print

Funding needed



Operating Funds

$19,000 1st Quarter operating loss after general donations (General donation goal for the 3 months was $21,000 vs Actual of $8,892).
Center Priority Projects
Yellow House UpgradeUpstairs Renovation Project (So far raised $6,000 which was spent mostly on outside repair of west (hillside) wall of the house).                                                                   
  • Living area             $5,000
  • Bathroom              $4,000
  • Kitchen Flooring      $2,000

Walter Springs Development Projects          
  • Cleaning of Heart Pond Spring Box          $2,000
  • Simple mineral baths facilities for men & women –
    to open bathing                                $10,000

Permaculture design for the Center parcel and Lot 2

Center Infrastructure Upgrade Planning  - To help Center to move to USHS Accreditation Standard
  • Hire Civil Engineer to evaluate Water System, Septic System, Road, Mosque Plaza, Kitchen upgrade

Build Firefighting “Station”  at the Center 
  • Including creating fire hydrant, shed for equipment, fire hose, dedicated water supply, clearing brush from around buildings.
  • Using existing good volume water pump we purchased last year.

Mosque plaza make over project - Safety, accessibility
Cost of phase 2 prep work:                                                                        
  1. Includes Architect time
    • Conceptual Design
    • Construction document
    • Drawings for Fundraising
  2. Soils Engineer Analysis
  3. Structural Engineer

Replacement pickup truck

Zawiyyah Building Assessment & Conservation
  • Track any potential building movement
  • Repair the rock wall in front corner by parking lot

Yellow House Upgrade - Phase II 
  1. Reside South Wall - needs replacing due to weather and rot:  $6,000
  2. Downstairs Room:  Remove rug, clean any mold issues found and lay new wood flooring:          $6,000.

Sleeping Room updates – 25 rooms  @ $1,800/Rm$45,000

Mosque front corner water damage repair 

Additional Water Storage tanks: 4-5 tanks of 5000 gallons each


Projects in Planning Stage – Preliminary Cost Estimates

  1. Mosque Plaza                                   $ 80,000
  2. Kitchen Facility                                 $100,000
  3. Sustainable Power for the Center         $100,000

Current Organizational Initiatives Underway (partial list)

  1. Present strategic plan to stakeholders for feedback and finalization in 2015
  2. Seat new board members and conduct training and orientation (April 2015)
  3. Creation of a comprehensive master site plan for Center and Lot 2 as part of strategic plan (Dec 2015)
  4. Creation of master permaculture plan for Center and Lot 2 as part of strategic plan (Dec 2015)
  5. Creation of core healing programs at Center to support our mission and increase use and revenue from Center (2015)
  6. Replace QuickBooks accounting program ($2,000 new cost annually, plus plug ins) with something less expensive more integrated with website (May 2015)
  7. Integration of data bases so the all update together (2nd quarter 2015)
  8. Prepare brochure for marketing retreat center to prospective guests and groups to increase occupancy and revenue (June 2015)
  9. Continue to enhance Center website (2015)
  10. Grow on-line Gift Shop Sales (2015)