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Sidi Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal says:

“This is the Promise to Allah (God). This is a great Order and a secret Order. Not every one can taste the real meaning of the Bay‘ah if he does not walk. One who has walked through all the stations and is complete can really taste the meaning of the Bay‘ah. It can only be fully understood with the Order from Allah. Many students come and do not really taste the meaning of Bay‘ah. It is a very holy Order because this is a very special Way. Allah has made everything in this Way for the student to walk straight, cleanly, and quickly. There is no way like this Way. The meaning of the Bay‘ah is:

"I am a slave and I believe that You are my God.
I believe in all the Orders that You have sent with all the Prophets.
I do not make a difference between any of them.
I promise to walk straight and not to make mistakes.
I promise to give the Mercy to everyone and to send the Love and the Peace to everyone.
Help me, my God, to be special for You.
This is what I promise.”

Ibrahim Jaffe, a Muqqadam (spiritual teacher) - says:

“In this Bay‘ah, or Promise to God, you consciously choose first and foremost to commit yourself to God. This promise is very special and important. You promise to follow the way of the Prophets, from Adam through Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. You commit to living purely, and walking in a sincere and truthful way. You are then accepted into the Shadhiliyya spiritual lineage. The Bay‘ah of the Sufis is handed down directly from the Prophets. Like Abraham, who was asked by God to sacrifice his beloved son, you are also asked to sacrifice yourself for God. As Abraham‘s son was spared his death and a sheep exchanged for him, from you, too, a sheep is asked. This sacrifice, like that in the Bible and Qu’ran, is considered one of the most holy and sacred ways of giving yourself to God. You are asked to donate something for the sacrifice. In Israel, the cost of a sheep sacrifice is $500. If you can give this amount, it is good. If you cannot, please look into your heart and give what you feel is the right amount for you. Any sincere offering is accepted. Again, this sacrifice is a sacred ritual that has been given by God to us and carries very deep and holy meanings. The meat from the sheep is used to feed the poor. This is symbolic of you sacrificing your self/ego to live completely in God and to live for the people. I hope you can look deeply into this and understand the inner meaning behind this practice.”


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