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Divine Touch - Women's Retreat Print E-mail

March 21-24, 2019



Amany Shalaby

& Rifqa Guillot


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New Year … New Spirit
New Healing Practices

Allah has said, ‘The son of Adam wrongs me for he curses Ad-Dahr (Time); though I am Ad-Dahr (Time). In My Hands are all things, and I cause the revolution of day and night." Allah also said:, “I alone effect the changes in you (due to time).”

From the day of conception to the day you were born, you went through intensive cycles of change until you became full human being, a woman. The effects of the seasons, the effects of physical changes, the effects of time are gateways to know the Divine Qualities and become their representative.

In this upcoming Women’s Retreat, where we reflect on the effect of change in our lives, and on embracing our Divine gifts. In this retreat, we will focus on the inner meaning of the Qur'an ayat related to women to dive into deep meanings, inspirational thoughts, and energizing connections and rejoice in our sisterhood.

Salaam and blessings,

Amany Shalaby & Rifqa Guillot