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Transition & New Creation Print E-mail

As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, beloved brothers and sisters.

As we travel these uncharted waters from “what has been” to “what will be”, by the Mercy of Allah, the SSC Board is striving to keep everyone informed and engaged in the journey.  Below are links to all the previous communications, as well as supporting informational documents and collaborative spaces for your participation.


October 26: Important Message to Tariqa

November 2: Joint USHS/SSC Message to Tariqa

November 4: Where We Are Message

November 9: Thank You

November 13: Potential First Steps Toward a New Creation and Link to sharings about it.

Recordings of Meetings and Talks:

November 5: [Listen to Sunday Call via internet; by phone:(206) 402-0103, Replay ID: 102-806-895# ] with No. Cal. Community

November 6: [Listen to Monday Call via internet; by phone:(206) 402-0103,Replay ID: 102-807-021# ] with National Community

November 11: Video I Dhikr from Jerusalem; Video II Mahmoud and beloveds sharing from Jerusalem; Sa’id bin Yunus Teaching; Halima Abdullah al-Jamal Teaching; Amany Shalaby Teaching

Information/background documents:

SSC Vision/Mission

SSC Long Range Plan

SSC Financial Charts 2017 Sep YTD

SSC Financial Charts 2016

SSC Financial Charts 2015

Sidi’s Guidance to the Land Council - 2014

Collaborative Documents and Space:

You are welcome to create additional documents to help you express ideas and spark collaboration. Link to shared work folder

One immediate priority is to identify a unified, and agreed upon understanding of what Sidi’s vision is, because that is our intention - to go all in to actualize that with and fin service to our community and Allah’s Face.  To this end we have started by creating a Google Doc for capturing what beloveds have heard from Sidi directly, as well as what we believe he meant.

Diagram of expected steps and needs for manifesting this vision - DRAFT

Companion spreadsheet to diagram with Instructions

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Strategic Plan 2015-2025 Print E-mail

Since May 2014 the SSC Board has been working to create an inspirational strategic plan which will guide us in meeting the needs of our communities and fulfilling the mission given to us by our guide, Sidi Muahmmad al-Jamal, may Allah sanctify his secret.  We began with a retreat in May 2014, which generated many ideas and visions for our future.

Below are links to the various stages of the plan so far.  We are currently engaged in creating communication tools to engage the community at large in refining the plan, as well as beginning implementation of key priorities.

The plan includes four areas of vision and action - Community Support and Development, Organizational Strength, Financial Strength and Facilities Development.

Graphical overview diagrams

Strategic Plan Categories Strategic Plan Category Visions Strategic Plan Major Goals by Category Strategic Plan - Community Goals 

Plan overview presentation 

List of priority actions 2015

Short and long-term plans by category

Community - LT

Community - ST

Organization - LT

Organization - ST

Finance - LT

Finance - ST

Facilities - LT

Facilities - ST

About the Board of Directors Print E-mail

January 2013

The new SSC Board of Directors met for an orientation and for it's first official meeting this month.   

May 2012

A new Board of Directors was elected by the Members.  The new Board is composed of two beloveds from each regional council.

July 2008

In February 2008 the Board of Directors was expanded to 23 members for the Interim Governance Period.  As of October 29, 2008 this Interim period has been extended until the new One Hand, One Heart Board of Trusted Servants can be formed in accordance with the new governance model. 

Since the new board will be composed of elected representatives of the four administrative councils, these councils must first be established (in the case of the National Tariqa Administration and the Mother Center) and representatives duly elected.  This process is currently underway, and will likely take three (or more months) to fully establish.  Keep checking here for periodic updates.


Board of Directors

 for Shadhiliyya Sufi Communities  (As of November 2015)

Salima Carter (Midwest)
Salih Cotten General Mgr of Mother Center
Rahima Hanna (Northeast)
Abdul Latif Healy (Northeast)
Nur Hrabko, Treasurer (No. California & HI)
Shamsa Hyllmon, Secretary (No. California & HI)
Wahida Kass, Chair (Mid-Atlantic)
Hanaan Preston (Southwest)
Amina Pryor, Assistant Secretary (Northwest)
Mikael Schmitt (Southwest)

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