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Contributed by Rahima Bonner
Tranquility is a precious commodity in this busy worldly life. Allah (s.w.t.) says, “…surely in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” [Q13:28)   Beyond this immediate benefit, remembrance can lead to becoming a “singular secluded one.”

When the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was asked who this was, he said, “Those who are made holy by the remembrance of Allah. The remembrance of Allah removes their wrongdoing and they pass by the Day of Judgment light-weighted.”  Then Allah (s.w.t.) describes His meeting with the singular ones: “The first thing I grant them is a light which I throw into their hearts by which they can speak on My behalf, just as I will speak on their behalf.” (Secrets of the Heart, p 50)
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Contributed by Wahida Kass

Daily prayers are one of the five pillars of our faith and an obligatory practice for Muslims.  There
are a number of things which can make this practice challenging for us, (including the word “obligatory”!) and cause the rebel nafus (plural of nafs) in us to arise and create obstacles, obscuring the deeper meaning and benefit of perfecting this practice.

When I was first learning to pray salat the practice filled me with light and inspiration, and it was new and interesting.  Over time, as my practice established itself, I began to find that it was automatic, but not always in a good way. 

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Impressions from the Hajj

An interview with Ayyub Tillinghast by Wahida Kass

The thought of putting his recent Hajj experience into words felt “overwhelming” to Ayyub Tillinghast of Vermont, largely because there are no words adequate to capture it.  “Indescribable”, “beyond immense”, and “words fall short” came up frequently in our conversation. However, he did relate some highlights to share with beloveds, and, inshallah, to inspire their hearts to take this journey of a lifetime.  

One thing Ayyub impressed upon me was the enormous baraka associated with the prayers one performs on Hajj.  In fact,
each prayer counts as one hundred thousand prayers. This benefit alone is an enormous gift to the pilgrim, his or her family and the world.
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Investing in Your Spiritual 401(k)

“And stand for the salah and pay the zakah.  And whatever good you send forward for yourselves, you shall find it with Allah.” Q2:110

Sadaqa is voluntary charity (different from the zakah that we owe to the poor) which carries merit for the giver in the hereafter.  The religions of Abraham all encourage charity, both to help Allah’s children who are in need now, and also to help the soul of the giver in their life after leaving this world.  It can be difficult for the human mind to understand the reality of the afterlife, yet this is one of the beliefs we attest to in Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  

Honestly, we have enough difficulty making it a priority to save for our retirement in this life, let alone after we die, but giving
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Miracles...or Allah's Way of Life?

Contributed by Zahra Lee

We have all witnessed or experienced what seem like miracles due to Allah’s involvement or presence. After a while we may begin to notice that what seem like miracles start to happen more and more frequently - so much so that it becomes almost “normal” or the expected outcome rather than the hope or desire of our specific prayers and reliance on Allah. 

Our own voices, pictures and the shaytan can often distract or convince us otherwise, but Allah is the all powerful and amazing things happen when we or someone else is holding firm that everything is POSSIBLE thru Allah versus the challenges or obstacles.

Here is an example of a real and recent experience that was truly miraculous - completely unexpected and seemingly

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