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Daily Practices
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A guide to the daily practices of the Shadhiliyya sufis.

 (Suratul Fatiha from Islamic Finder)

1 Prayer Times
2 Wudu (Purification with Water)
3 Adhan (The Call to Prayer) and Iqama
4 As-Salah (Connecting Prayer)
5 Performing As-Salat
6 Sunnah Prayers (Customary Prayers)
7 Witr Prayer (Final Night Prayer)
8 Tahajjud (The Night Vigil Prayer)
9 Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah)
10 Al-Wird (Daily Prayer with Beads)
11 The Stations of the Way
12 Khalwah (All-Night Spiritual Retreat)
13 Shahadah (Embracing Islam)

Friday Prayers

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