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When you give mercy…when you help everyone…when you are polite with everything and everyone…when you walk quietly with everything…when you speak slowly and not in a loud voice…when you reach silence and laugh silently…when you see the face of Allah in everyone…then you begin to know.

You must be polite because Allah is polite. When you walk, you must be quiet because you are not walking in any land, this is the land of your Beloved Allah. Open your heart to this meaning. Your body is this land. How could you not walk quietly in this land? Be quiet when you move in the streets.

Everything needs mercy. This is what I mean when I say to give when you live from your heart. Be quiet, then you hear the voice of your Allah. Allah begins to sing the meaning to you when you are singing the Name. When the water runs into the river, it sings only the Name. Listen to every song but be quiet, then understand the meaning of the song. Everything is singing. Everything is praying. Put His Name in everything because everything is His Name. If you want to reach the highest station, you must understand the meaning of every word that anyone speaks. Give everything, than Allah will give you everything.

He puts you in this world only to know Him and to carry His message. He wants you because you want Him. In the end there is no difference between you and Him; you are from Him. You are the light, so put this light in your heart to show the light within it. Your light is the Light of Allah (nur illahi). Look at this light with the eyes of the heart.

This love knows no difference amongst anyone. He puts the love in everyone’s heart in order to feel the way of the love. All hearts are in His heart. Once you open your heart you will find this love. When you open your heart you can have everything, but you must also love to come to know its meaning. At first this love is on the outside because you do not know the meaning of the inside love, but love the body and try to touch this inner love. Then when you really love this body you will come to know the meaning of this body. It is not different from the soul because it carries the heart, and I want from you to know this heart because it is the secret. Everyone in this world has a body but few people know the meaning of the body. They fell only the difficult things with their body, not its reality.

If you carry this holy message and someone asks you about it and wants to take this message from you, you must know the meaning of the love. My way is difficult. In my way you must be born again each day. Every time you learn something you must be born again, until you reach to be a child again. When you follow these things I have said to you, you will grow in the way and then you will begin to feel the love and to understand its meanings.

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