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…Although it is strong sometimes to be with the people here, it is beautiful to see how Allah gives to those who want to drink…and always I ask myself whether I give enough or not, or whether it is the right way and this is also a questions, Sidi. I fear not to see the difference whether I ask myself or whether it is Allah Who asks me, and also from this come other questions, like whether yawm ad-din (Day of Judgment) keeps one from the Love of Allah?

This is very deep for you and very special when I put you to be inside the door of the Essence of your Reality, through your Garden. From a long time you search about your Father, who brought you to be one of his children and he gives you all his love to see His Face in every case. This is from your chance, my beloved, but the important thing for you always is to destroy the presence and the pictures and to change them to be for your Beloved God. Then, you can be ready for everything that He gives to you, as He builds His Home between your arms to carry His Message and to know why He created you, and He makes you to carry all that He wants from you. This means that He wants you to be Mercy for everyone who needs this real Mercy and who is crying for what he wants because with every one of my beloveds I am inside his heart. This means that he is part of my heart and that there is no separation between me and him. In other words, there is no one or him, but God. For that you are the rain for every earth that needs this rain, but in the perfect time from the Perfect One, who lives inside your heart and who moves you to everyone to give everybody what he needs, like Allah wants from you, my beloved. No one of my beloveds lives for himself, but he is the real sacrifice for all those who are crying in this world. For that he gives his meat in the deep way and his blood to everyone who needs it. But who needs that beloved? Only the person who waits for the real Food form your father through his children and through his message because your father doesn’t live for himself or anything, by all that he has is for Allah from Allah, and this is some of the meaning of your message that my Beloved gives you. When you give in the Way of the Essence of the Deep Secret Love as Allah says for you, then you are really in that moment, in the real Garden because you see Allah and you see before the Reality of yourself, not else than His Reality and this is the real Judgment Day for you. You don’t need to wait. If you wait, this is a long time because the time is Allah and He wants to hear your song because it is His Song from His nightingale in the top of the tree, the Tree of the Love, which is growing inside you and which feeds you, and it feeds everyone you meet ant who you want to give.

The important thing is to give, my beloved, and not wait to see when you give to any person that he returns you what you give. Don’t wait because this is not the Way of Allah.

I am sure that you don’t do this and you don’t give like that, but you always give in the perfect way, and this is what I see. Thank Allah about His Holy Family because only this Family in the world carries the real Love, the real Peace, the real Mercy and the real Knowing. This is completely the Message of Allah and everyone likes to see everyone who is sad to be happy and everyone is poor, he is really rich.

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