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Roles and Responsibilities of the Ranks

Praise be to Allah, Who hath sent to His Servant, The Book, and hath allowed therein no crookedness. Surah Al-Kahf 18:1  

All ranks are expected to engage in some service to their local community and/or the tariqa.


Recommended. Reading, Writing, Understanding

Music of the Soul

Children of the Truth

Conversations in the Zawiyah

Religion of Unity




Prayer and wudu



Support master teachers, naqibs, etc.

Share teachings

Invite to dhikrs or community gatherings

Teach what you  know


Commit to help grow the tariqa

Be polite

To be love and mercy

To be a slave for Allah



Rec. Reading and Writing and Understanding

He Who Knows Himself Knows His Lord

Music of Soul

Children Around the Table of Allah

The Sufi Realities





Deeper tawba


Support ranks

Teach practices

Train/support teachers

Understand dhikr/help support walking


Active in growing tariqa

Helping to resolve problems

Foster unity

Deeper understanding of the teaching



Rec. Reading and Writing and Understanding

Path to Allah Most High

Music of the Soul

The Divine Flute

Secret of the Spirit


Read Qualities dua poster 2x/week

Learn how to take qualities and return to Allah

All practices of teacher and master teacher above

Khalwah once a month


Support muqaddams

Teach what inspires you

Train and support master teachers

Share experiences on path


Carry compassion

Discerning illusory states from TRUTH

Holding the love mercy, beauty

All the above for teacher and master teacher


Rec. Reading and Writing and Understanding

The Resolute Prophets and A Righteous Word is Like a Righteous Tree

Music of the Soul

The Guide

How The Arrival is Realized


Steadfast in pillars

Increase knowledge of shariah and Qur'an

Skills in shura and conflict resolution

All practices of teacher, master teacher and naqib


Taking accountability for the health of community

Walking of community and resolving conflicts

Holding container for the community

Have finger on the pulse of the community, not letting things go unaddressed.


Be like shepherd/ Able to give promise

Deep caring and compassion

Deep surrender

Working with and supporting murabbis, ruhis and murshids.


Rec. Reading and Writing and Understanding

Reality of Imagination

Reality of Gnosis

Migration of the Truthful Traveler

Traveler’s Journey of Healing Through Divine Love, Knowledge and Truth


All the above

All the above

All the above

All the above


Hold love and truth for the people

Learning to carry and grow the tariqa

Seek to follow Allah’s guidance in all aspects

Hold and guide local community


Knowing when to help people/able to give promise

Work together in love

Helping to avoid separation, doubt or suspicion

Able to complete task with excellence


Rec. Reading and Writing and Understanding

Wisdom for the Devoted

Secrets of the Heart

Reality of Gnosis

How to Know the Deep Secret Walking to Allah


Practice reliance

Learning Arabic

Reading Qur'an

Reading hadiths


Deep wisdom to correct and teach

Give mercy to people

Create opportunities for mercy in action

Able to perform and hold far-reaching projects


Give promise/follow teachings

Be earth and loving container for a community

Carry all tasks with excellence

Knowledge of Tafsir books of Sidi


The Murshids are the lighthouse of guidance and caring.  Help to guide people who are lost find their way back to the safety of Allah.  Have the real gnosis and carry out responsibilities with real mercy and love. Hold the national communities.  Guide the regional and local community leaders.  They exhibit exemplary giving in real mercy and love.  Understand the orders.  Carry the authority to guide.  Have oversight and authority with tariqa

Study all of Sidi’s books for deeper understanding. Engage in discussions on meaning and understanding of Sidi’s writings and teachings.

As salaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh beloveds- 
Happy New Year!  May Allah bless and protect you, your families and loved ones in 2020. 
We have not been in touch for some time as the Murshid Council, but know that we are here, been in service and we hold you all with sincerest love from the depths of our hearts. 
The issue of teacher promotion and ranks has been on our plate for many years. With Sidi's passing, it has created new questions and challenges for us in how to provide clear guidelines of the roles, responsibilities and expectations as well as how and when to make such related decisions.  With the teacher promise,  we promised to carry the messages of our guide based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and the Qur'an with love, peace, mercy, freedom, justice and unity.   Sadly some of our tariqa teachers have allowed their pictures of ranks to cause or create separation, oppression, misunderstanding and hurt among beloveds nationally and internationally over the years, even when Sidi was alive. 
We all must work together to change this dynamic.
Because we want to be in full integrity with providing a structure that pleases Allah, follows the intention of Sidi's guidance, promotes love and unity, and provides sufficient support and guidance, the Murshid Council in consultation with a small committee of community members, decided to place a 2 year moratorium on offering any new teacher rank and promotions.
During this time, we wish to focus on supporting beloveds and existing teachers in understanding the teacher promise, roles and expectations regardless of rank regarding responsibilities and roles, levels and depth of service, community building and unity, being earth for others and spreading the message of love, peace and mercy and to support their transformation of any places where they are not in alignment. Many also have their titles but have not stepped into holding their position with time, love, commitment and alignment. 
We have attached the roles and responsibilities of the different teacher ranks - reading and writing of Sidi's books, service, practices, knowledge, faith ( iman) and politeness (adab) and the same information will be available on the SSC website.
We encourage everyone to continue reading and writing Sidi's books, doing salat and practices, reading Qu'ran and welcome all to share the holy messages of love, peace. mercy via practices like remembrance,  al-Wird, salat, reciting Qu'ran and others even if not been formally made a teacher in our tariqa.  It is between each us and Allah- what we do for His face, give the love to others for Him and serve Him.
As Sidi used to say , "Teach what you know!".    He also said,  " How can you teach my books if you have not read them!"   So take the time to read and write, do the practices, recite Qu'ran....
We pray and want these blameworthy qualities and dynamics to shift in a deep way to reflect greater love, unity and service for the face of Allah. As we need time together to transform our present system and dynamics, we request your prayers, support, containment and cooperation going forward. 
Our tariqa like the rest of the world is undergoing many many deep and needed changes!
Thank you for your prayers and support with this important matter.  May Allah give us much love and guidance.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact a member of the Murshid Council: 
Ma salaama,
The Murshid Council