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Strategic Goal:  Community Support and Development

  • The Beloveds Emergency Fund, sourced by direct donations and 5% of general donations received each month, has been running successfully for 18 months! In 2016 so far we have assisted 21 beloveds with their needs and disbursed over $29,000.   This year we also disbursed $32,000 in zakat funds entrusted to us to over 36 individuals and families.  We thank Allah for his abundant care and provision!  In addition to financial assistance, we connect beloveds in need of healing with healers at no charge and provided a listening heart and emotional support where needed.    If you or a beloved you know is in need, the application is at  Learn more at

  • We recently held our first Worldwide Unity Prayer Call with beloveds from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, UK, US and Canada!  The intent of the SSC Board for this call was to provide a space for holding the heart of the WHOLE tariqa, not just the US.  Nothing can replace how our guide held the heart of each beloved and each community, but we wanted to do something that at least acknowledged that need and attempted to address it.  It was a beautiful and holy time together with Sidi’s students from all over.  There was even translation into Spanish for the Spanish speaking beloveds!  Inshallah this will be the first of many such gatherings to connect our hearts and pray for our guide, our brothers and sisters, and our world.  A link to the video and audio recording will be made available at

  • Community leaders from around the country continue to meet every two months to learn about each others’ communities and discuss topics of relevance to all.  

Strategic Goal:  Financial Stability

  • As part of our strategic plan implementation, the SSC Board created a Programming Committee in 2015 to develop and put in place new and expanded programming for our community and the Mother Center.  We hoped to have new programs in place this year, but in this transition year development has taken longer than expected.  We were able to offer the Embracing Ramadan Teleclass series in May, al hamdulillah, and are excited to report that we have several new programs slated for 2017!  Inshallah we will continue and expand our zawiyyah program with Amina al-Jamal, and add healing retreats, teacher and leadership workshops, as well as Islamic studies classes.  We will have more information about the schedule in the next 6 weeks, inshallah.

  • We continue to contain costs and make gains toward greater financial stability.  Inshallah with your help we will end the year with a small positive, al hamdulillah!  This means more of your donations can go toward projects with national impact as well as important improvements at the retreat center to further enhance the ability of our Mother Center to support itself fully, inshallah.

  • In 2017 we will continue to focus strongly on boosting our income generation, and keep working toward financial stability.   Thanks to beloveds, this year we were able to connect with several outside groups who rented our retreat center for their events, al hamdulillah, which supplements income and helps us cover our overhead when there are no others programs.  We expect all will hold events here again in 2017, inshallah!  If you know of any groups or organizations looking for a peaceful space for their retreat, please contact Salih Cotten.  Your referrals can make a difference!

  • Eliminating debt by paying back the Mortgage Circle – This year we sold the Meadow Lot (#5) above the RetreatCenter to a beloved who wanted to help reduce the mortgage debt, al hamdulillah and may Allah bless them.  They are holding the lot for a future buyer from the community, or may opt to develop it themselves.  We still have an accepted offer to purchase Lot 4, but challenges with septic approval have delayed closing.   We continue to set aside funds each month to repay our mortgage holders as we wait to complete the sales of the parcels.

Strategic Goal: Strengthening Our Non-Profit Organization

  • Strategic Planning – We have a working strategic plan and are currently updating and expanding our vision to make sure it and the strategic plan are aligned.  We recently completed, and the Board approved, our core purpose statement and core values.   We are now working on our future goal statement and vivid description of our envisioned future for our organization and community.    If you would like to know more or share some input, please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  See the Strategic planning page at

  • The SSC Board continues to have open seats for directors from the Southeast, Midwest, Mid Atlantic, Northwest and South Central regions.  If you might be interested in representing your area, please contact Wahida Kass ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) about how to connect with your Regional Council.  In 2017 we’ll be working to expand the representation and participation from communities on the board.

  • Mother Center/Shadhiliyya Sufi Retreat Center

    • We continued to keep our doors wide open!  No one who wanted to come to the Mother Center this year was turned away for lack of funds.  We hosted our usual events and plan to keep offering these.  It is different without of beloved guide, but there is also sweetness and familiarity in being with our brothers and sisters of the way.  When we gather in community with beloveds to study, Sidi is deeply here with us in spirit!  Join us next year for 10 Day Ramadan Retreat  ~ Hajj Retreat  ~  Sufi School West  ~  Sidi Commemoration Gathering.

    • We broadcast most of the programs held at the Mother Center this year, al hamdulillah.  (All are available for download on the website.)

    • Facility Improvements
      Maintenance and projects were scaled back this year to keep us on budget, but we did accomplish the following improvements:

      • Replaced or refurbished all the hand railings for the Mosque plaza area
      • Installed new LED motion detector lights for all the buildings.
      • Installed new vanity in the “men’s” mosque bathroom
      • Replaced the missing door frames and wall patches – a long outstanding need!
      • Replaced 6 beds with new frames and mattresses
      • New umbrellas for the Mosque Plaza seating area
      • Purchased new reflective signage for our front gate to make it easier for guests to find our entrance.


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    SSC is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.