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Join in from home ~ Invite your community

Join the Day of Arafah Khalwah 

InshaAllah, Wednesday, July 29, 2020

All beloveds are welcome to join in the  Khalwah in observance of the Day of Arafat/Hajj on Wednesday night, July 92.

For everyone participating remotely, please make a sacrifice. Sidi always asked for a sacrifice of $250, and Allah knows what is right for you to help your walking.

How to join in:
  1. Please register on line, if you can. You may also mail checks to SSC, PO Box 100, Pope Valley, CA 94567 (with a note that it is for the khalwa so it goes into the correct account, please).  Thank you! 

  2. There will be an opening call on Zoom with the Murshids (Ibrahim Jaffe, Salima Adelstein, Wadude Laird and Rida Attar) at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET.  See the calendar for details.

  3. We will pray the standard 1000 repetitions of the 3 du'a, with 1 hour eyes open gazing at the Name, and 1 hour with eyes closed visualizing the Name on your heart.  This includes the standard 2 raqa in between each section and at the end, inshallah.  See side bar for full instructions.  

Please use the donate link (right) to register for the Khalwa and make your donation to help the poor.  Use this link for both check and credit card transactions.

May you have a khalwa filled with the Mercy, Compassion, Love and Guidance of our Beloved. Alhamdulillah that you could join us on this holy night of retreat with our Lord! 


Khalwah Instructions

Click for PDF of full khalwah instructions.

First timers: Please make 500 repetitions of each prayer and 1/2 hour gazing at the Name eyes open, then 1/2 hour visualizing the Name in your heart with eyes closed.

The rest of us: Please make 1000 repetitions of each prayer, plus one hour gazing at the Name with eyes open, silently saying "Allah", and one hour with eyes closed holding the image of the Name in your heart, silently saying "Allah".

Download PDF of Khalwah reading (optional) from Path to Allah, Most High.  (pp. 220-27 in 2002 edition or pp. 257-64 in 2007 edition.)

Sacrifice/Donation for the Poor

If you participate in a khalwah or promise, it is important to send a sacrifice for those who are crying, everywhere. Thank you!

A donation of $250 was always Sidi's request for khalwahs, if you canPlease be generous and give whatever you can, and may Allah accept your gift.

It is said that Allah will return your free-will gifts to you ten to seven hundred times over, insha'llah.

You may send checks to SSC, with a note that it is for the khalwah at:
PO Box 100
Pope Valley, CA 94567

or call 707-965-0700 x101
with credit card information.