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Strategic Goal:  Community Support and Development

  • The Beloveds Emergency Fund, sourced by direct donations and 5% of general donations received each month, has been up and running successfully for 6 months! We have assisted 19 beloveds with their needs and disbursed over $25,000 year to date.   In addition to financial assistance, we have been able to connect beloveds in need of healing with healers at no charge and provided a listening heart and emotional support where needed.  Inshallah, in the next six months we will strive to reach more beloveds and expand the types of support we can offer.  If you or a beloved you know is in need, the application is at  Learn more about this program.

  • Our new zawiyyah program at the Mother Center, with Amina al-Jamal in residence for beloveds 
  • to come and walk and drink, has been a blessing to many and we extend our grateful appreciation to Amina for coming to be with us and providing this holy service for the beloveds.  Inshallah, the program will continue to grow in 2016.  You can see upcoming schedule and contact information at our Center website,
  • Community leaders from around the country have been meeting every two months to learn about each others’ communities and discuss topics of relevance to all.

Strategic Goal:  Financial Stability

  • We continue to contain costs and make gains toward our financial stability.  This means more of your donations can go toward projects with national impact as well as important improvements at the retreat center to further enhance the ability of our Mother Center to support itself fully, inshallah.

  • In 2016 we will focus strongly on boosting our income generation, to continue our progress toward financial stability. In 2015, as part of our strategic plan implementation, the SSC Board created a Programming Committee to develop and put in place new and expanded programming for our community and the Mother Center.  Inshallah we aim to enhance our support of beloveds’ walking and healing, as well as attract new groups and visitors to stay at the Center, to ensure it’s fiscal viability and its role as the heart of our widespread community.  The new and expanded programming will be in the three areas of specialization identified in our strategic plan:  Spiritual Walking/Development, Healing and Permaculture, and will include online and teleconference offerings as well as in person events.

  • Eliminating debt by paying back the Mortgage Circle - We have an accepted offer to purchase Lot 4al-hamdulillah! Inshallah we will complete this sale in early 2106.  Lot 5 is still available.  We continue to set aside funds each month to repay our mortgage holders as we wait to complete the sales of the parcels.

Strategic Goal: Strengthening Our Non-Profit Organization

  • We compiled and published our first official Annual Report in February 2105!  See Annual Report.   Look for the 2015 report in February 2016.

  • A Members’ Meeting was held in early 2015 to update our regional members on the annual report and strategic plan, and to elect new directors to the SSC Board. 

  • Strategic Planning – a draft plan has been presented to the community and the SSC Board is hard at work sharing it and beginning implementation of high priority goals.  To see the current plan, please visit the strategic planning page.    We are also in the process of gathering feedback with which to refine the plan.  If  you would like to know more or share some input, please email board @

  • In 2015 we added six new directors to the SSC Board and inshallah will fill the remaining vacant seats in early 2016!  New board members are:  Mikael Schmitt, Hanaan Arnoth (Southwest region); Salima Carter (Midwest region); Amina Pryor (Northwest region); Abdul Latif Healy and Rahima Hanna (Northeast region).  Seats remaining to be filled are in the Southeast, Midwest, Mid Atlantic, Northwest and South Central regions.  If you think you might be interested in representing your area, please contact Wahida Kass (board @

Strategic Goal:  Sustainable Agriculture Development at our Retreat Center

  • We are in the process of creating a multi-year permaculture plan for the Retreat Center grounds as a key priority, as well as for our Lot 2 parcel.

  • More olive and other fruit tree saplings have been purchased personally by the Land Council members for future planting around the Retreat Center and to support the orchards of local community members, as a act of community giving and thanks to Allah for all He has given us.

  • We were able to hire a part-time gardener to help maintain the health of our plant and trees, install irrigation and care for the garden!

  • Water Conservation and Storage:  Thanks to our increased storage capacity (2014) and excellent conservation efforts by staff and guests, we were not only able to provide for all the water needs of the center with our stored water supply, we were also able to water the gardens from the water encashment.  Al hamdulillah, even during a drought our plan worked, and we made it through this year without the need to purchase water!

Mother Center/Shadhiliyya Sufi Retreat Center

  • We continued to keep our doors wide open!  No one who wanted to come to the Mother Center this year was turned away for lack of funds.

  • We broadcast many of Sidi’s talks from his visits to the Mother Center this year.  (All are available for download on the website.)

  • Facility Improvements

    In addition to a general clean-up of the grounds, we made the following improvements:
  • Mosque Plaza Update
    • Thanks to a generous matching donation we were able to renovate the plaza area between the Mosque and the Zawiyyah building!  New plantings, mulch, a new pathway, shoe shelves,
      tables, umbrellas and seating have been much appreciated by visitors! 

    • Installed new wooden steps leading up to the plaza area, making it easier and more convenient for people to traverse the steps.

    • Installed a new cement first step leading to the mosque plaza.

    • Fire safety and emergency preparedness upgrades:
      • We installed a fire hydrant that draws from our reserve water, together with a high grade water pump and hose to help protect us in case of a fire.
      • Improved communication about safety and evacuation protocols and policies.
      • Posted maps & emergency call information in all rooms.
      • Added, replaced, and updated fire extinguishers for all the buildings and grounds.
      • Cleared brush from around the Zawiyyah building and Yurt for increased fire safety

    • New parking and unloading signs in the parking lot help guests navigate.

    • The Zawiyyah building rear seating area got a face lift with new chairs and umbrella and a beautiful new wooden fence for protection. 

    • Created a new sitting area on the Office Deck for beloveds to use.

    • Yellow House:
      • Renovated the living spaces in the upstairs of the yellow house, including the two bedrooms and living room.  Carpet was replaced with hardwood flooring and all rooms were repainted.  Beautiful!
      • Renovation of the bathroom, and mold remediation, is nearing completion.

    • Three rooms were updated with new beds and all new paint jobs.

2017 - Our Goal


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SSC is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.