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Sufi Community Teleconference Offerings:  Primary#  1 (712) 432-5640, access code 5591#.

All times are Pacific. Please mute your phone when you come on the line: 5 will mute your phone and 4 will un-mute. 

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3:00-4:15 am PT

Morning Practices
Wazifa,Ya-Siiin, al-Wird & a Quality

Join Sumaya Abrams, A'amina Hayes, Dr. Rabi'ah Rachida Faid-Douglas, Rauda Lazarus and other beloveds and taste the blessings our Beloved Allah sends through these sacred ritual practices.


4:45-5:30 am PT

Dhikr of the Most Beautiful Names

Please join our circle of seekers as we call to our Lord by His Most Beautiful Names. We spend several weeks with each quality with lots of dhikr and readings from Sidi’s books and the Qur’an. Gather with hosts Sara Madonna, Salaam Weber and other beloveds.

Continues DAILY

1 full Hizb

5:30-6:15 am PT

Qur'an Recitation

Hizb in Arabic

Start your day with the Real food and drink deeply from His (subhannahu wa ta 'ala) Light, Healing, Love & Mercy. We will recite a full Hizb of His Holy Qur’an in Arabic. Gather with Mohamed Moosa, Dr. Rabi'ah Rachida Faid-Douglas, Shamsa Houck and other beloveds to drink from this ritual practice.


6:15-6:50 am PT

Morning Practices:

al-Wird, al- Wazifa & The 99 Names

You’re invited to join us DAILY in these ritual practices that our beloved guide Sidi gave us to help us travel to our Most Beloved Lord. With Hamid Bauman, Radiyya Atarodian, Habib Boerger, Rahima Bonner, Muniba Hann, Sara Madonna, and Abdullah & Rahima Hayes. al-Wird, al-Wazifa, and The 99 Names of Allah.


6:50-7:00 am PT

Morning Prayer List and Supplication

Join Muniba Hann, Radiyya Atarodian, Sara Madonna, Ahmed Tyson, Abdullah & Rahima Hayes and beloveds each day as we add names to our prayer list and make sincere dua and supplication to our Most Beloved Allah to answer our prayers and help us in our Surrender to Him. If you call Him, He answers you.


7:00-8:00 am PT

WRITE, Contemplate and Reflect on Sidi's Tafsir book (Q36-Q57]

Join Radiyya Atarodian, Sara Madonna, Na’ama McCreedy, & beloveds as we read, WRITE, reflect and contemplate on Sidi's Tafsir book [Q36-Q57]. We are writing this book under the direct instruction of our beloved guide Sidi. “To you now is the explication and detailed explanation of the meanings of al-Qur’an in their Shari’ah sense and their Haqiqah sense.”  The writing is a transformational healing practice given to us by our beloved guide Sidi (may Allah protect and sanctify his secret) and may Allah keep this practice alive in our community.  Amin.


New Book!

8:00 -8:30 am


READ ALL of Sidi's books

Take your chance and gather with our community as our sister Mahabba Arthur holds the space for us to READ ALL of our beloved guide Sidi’s books over the next few years. The next books are:How the Arrival is Realized and more Tafsir.


New Book!

2:00-2:45 pm PT

READ Sidi’s Books AND Make dhikr of His Beautiful Names 

Please join us to listen to Sidi's teachings and connect with his heart as we immerse ourselves in his books, followed by about 15 minutes of inspired dhikr of His beautiful Divine Names. The current book is The Secret of the Love of God and the next books are Secrets of the Heart and A Taste of the Love, with our beloved sister Sara Madonna.



8:00-8:30 am PTREAD Sidi's book Ocean of the Mercy

Our beloved guide Sidi taught repeatedly from the lives of the Prophets and made no separation between Ibrahim and Moosa and Isa and Mohammad (peace and blessings upon them all). Sidi embodied this place of unity. There are many anecdotes and several teachings from the life of the Prophets that are of central importance in the Sufi way. The emphasis on the Sira or the life of the Prophet Mohammad (saaws) is what prompted Sidi to instruct his students to write and study Ocean of the Mercy. With our brother Abdullah Houck and sister Shamsa Houck.


8-9:00 am PT

Sunday Morning Tawba Call

Join Zahra Lee and beloveds as we read a Sidi tawba teaching and make dhikr of the names to make our return to Allah. May He make us of those He Brings Near as we let go of our worries, fears, pictures and attachments to this world.


4:00 pm PT

99 Qualities Du'aa &  Du'aa from 6th Door

Join Laila Brady Walzer, Radiyya Atarodian and beloveds, in reciting the 99 Qualities Du'aa and the Du'aa from the Sixth Door.  Our beloved guide Sidi gave us this ritual practice to recite on Sunday and Thursday nights.  (This call is on Sundays only.)

Call Sufi Gifts if you’d like a copy to follow along. (707) 965-0700 X102.  It may take a week or two to receive it.


Mexico & Latin America, Spanish Speakers

Al Wird and Wazifa on Mon, Wed and Fri at 8:30am Central Time. Tue and Thu at 7:00am Central Time. 
Qualities call on Mon, Tue and Wed at 9:00pm Central.  We work one quality a week.

Conference line: 1 (218) 486 1616; access code 775 9593# (This is a US phone #).

FREE TELECONFERENCE Study Circle IN SPANISH. Happening every Sunday from 5pm-6pm PST. To join and receive the translated pages and info on how to access this online classroom please email Rahma.

Círculo de Estudio EN LÍNEA Y SIN COSTO. Acompáñanos cada domingo de las 5pm - 6pm hora del Pacífico. Para unirte y recibir información de acceso a la llamada favor de enviar un correo a: Rahma.

For Teleclasses and study groups from the Mother Center, hosted by Sa'id bin Yunus, CLICK HERE.

Stories of the Prophets - PlaybackLinks:

7/30Adam pbuh pp. 1-17, appdx. 1-3 7/31Adam pbuh pp.17-37, appdx. 4 8/1-Qabil/Habil, Idris, Nuh pbut. pp.38-54 8/2Nuh, Hud pbut pp.54-68 8/3Hud, Salih pbut pp.68-85 8/4 -Ibrahim pbuh pp.86-97 8/5Ismail pbuh pp.98-108
8/6Lut, Ishaq, Yaqub pbut pp. 108-122 8/7 - Yusuf pbuh  pp. 123-138 8/8Yusuf, Shuayb pbut pp.138-155 8/9Ayyub, Musa/Harun pbut pp.156-170 8/10 -Musa, Harun pbut pp. 170-186 8/11-Musa, Harun pbut pp.186-204 8/12 -Musa, Harun pbut pp. 204-217
8/13Musa, Harun pbut Q&A pp.218-233 8/14Musa, Harun pbut Q&A pp.233-247 8/15Daoud pbuh pp.247-263 8/16 -Sulaiman pbuh pp264-280 8/17 -Zakariyya, Yahya, Isa pbut  pp.281-297 8/18Isa pbuh pp.297-313 8/19Isa pbuh pp. 313-322


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