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Dearest beloved brothers and sisters in the Way,

We send our salaams and our love to you as this holy month of Ramadan is upon us.  When our beloved guide Sidi was at The Mother Center in Pope Valley, I was able to sit with him along with many of our brothers and sisters.  I listened to what he had to say to us all, his beloved students and here is some of what he said:

He said that he cared about us, and that he wants us to learn and understand about the Way and how to keep ourselves SAFE and PROTECTED from the subtle voices of the nafs that confuse us and cause us difficulty, and also from the whispers of the shaytan; for our whole life.  He wants us to know the love, peace, mercy, justice and freedom that all the Holy Prophets (salla allahu ‘alayhi wa salam) came to teach us.  

He spoke about this special time of Ramadan and what can open for us in tasting, knowledge and state through the ritual practices.  He wants us to come to the Mosque at The Mother Center during Ramadan and make it our place to reconnect, remember… take our chance to taste and experience and gain gnosis during this sacred time.  These are the things that heal us, protect us, and help us blossom into the potential that our Beloved Allah Put inside us.

This Ramadan, our precious Sufi Community Teleconference Circle is offering four Qur’an Recitation calls where we will recite an entire JUZ (1/30th of Qur’an) each day during the month of Ramadan.  Two will be in ENGLISH and Two will be in ARABIC.  On the ENGLISH teleconferences, you are invited to read some of the ayat along with your brothers and sisters.

We will continue with some of our regular teleconference calls, and a few of them will be on hiatus until after Ramadan.  ***Please see attached schedule for details.

Insha’llah, We pray that you can join together with our very special teleconference community and partake of His Blessings, subhannahu wa ta ‘ala, through these ritual practices that our beloved guide Sidi encourages us to ‘take our chance with’.  Go to and click on “Ramadan Practice Calls”.  
May your Ramadan be filled with His Lights, Peace, Love, Mercy, Openings, and Witnessing.  Amin amin amin 

Much love and salaam,

Your beloved Sufi Community Teleconference Circle.

FOR THE HEARTS THAT HAVE HIMMA:  Please contact Na'ama McCreedy if you may be interested in helping to facilitate/host any of our current teleconference offerings...or would like to anchor a new offering.   We pray the door will open for those whose hearts that have himma. Everyone is welcome to participate or facilitate from everywhere.  Let Allah prepare you by volunteering to be a substitute for the current team. Email Na'ama McCreedy.

If we have missed any calls or free resources, please email us at share @ suficommunities . org or send a message from the "Contact Us" page.


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