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Information on the parcels of raw land for sale at the Pope Valley, CA community.  Contact Wahida Jennifer Kass at 707-965-0700 x 103 with inquiries.  

Land Purchase Documents

These documents, maps and photos are for those interested in purchasing one of the new land parcels.

Parcel Descriptions 

Parcel 4 - 70 acres 

This parcel is located on the right hand side of the road that comes into the new land. There is a gently sloping meadow behind the area where the bee shed is located. Mount Unfug is in the center of this lot. This is the highest point on the new lands. It has a 360 degree view including Lake Berryessa. Although mostly wooded with small underbrush it can be easily cleared for beautiful housing and agriculture sites.

Lot 4-View of Lake Berryessa from meadow Lot 4-View of Lake Berryessa from Mt. Unfug Lot 4-Meadow with Mt Unfug behind in center of picture Lot 4-Meadow looking toward lot 3 in background Lot 4-View of Pope Valley Lot 4-Beautiful wooded area next to meadow

Parcel 2 - 237 acres - Tentatively reserved*.

This parcel includes two fields. The first one is on the left when entering the new lands and the second one is by the barn. This parcel also includes the relatively flat wooded land up the hill behind the barn. This upper area does have a a lightly wooded meadow area and nice view of Lake Berryessa from a knoll overlook.  If you would like to contribute to a fund to retain this parcel for future tariqa use, please click here.

Lot 2-First meadow on left of entry road Lot 2-First meadow on left of entry road Lot 2-First meadow area looking toward the barn Lot 2-Looking to barn from small pond between first and second meadow areas Lot 2-Second field area by the barn Lot 2-Lightly wooded meadow area on upper level Lot 2-First Lightly wooded meadow area of upper level-View 2 Lot 2-Overlook area of Lake Berryessa with Putah Creek entering from left Lot 2-Overlook area of Lake Berryessa with Putah Creek entering from left Lot 2-Overlook area to the West from the knoll

*Statement of preference to have Lot #2 be purchased collectively so that the local and national communities can continue to use and access the new land.

Contact Wahida Kass at 707-965-0700 x103 for more information.


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