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Sometimes the student does not see his father completely. Sometimes there is a veil between the father and his children, but this veil is very holy and gives special help. This veil helps the student to help himself and to know his father completely when he breaks this veil, and when he knows how to remove this veil himself. When he reaches, and when he asks questions, then he can remove the veil. Do you understand? Sometimes the veil is necessary for the student to reach what his father, the guide, carries. The example I have given you is of the cover inside the mother when she has a baby. Do you know about this cover? Do you understand? This cover is very necessary for the baby. When there is no cover, there is no life for the baby. This veil is from the wisdom of Allah, and it is a very holy veil. Inside this veil, the baby grows. This veil is also very deep, and very holy, and for the student to know how to take the veil himself with asking, with remembering the name. The veil goes because he changes the veil to not be a veil. When he looks to himself, he sees himself completely – NOT ELSE. He thinks that he has looked behind the veil to see his father, but when he breaks the veil there is no father – he sees himself, and after that he does not see himself, but if he looks deep he sees God. This is the Jewel, and inside this Jewel there is a secret, and this is what everyone carries.

For that reason, when I say that everyone carries the face of Allah, he is the secret of Allah – not another thing. Through these veils he can know completely.

As another example: Sometimes you throw stones at a date tree because you want dates to fall off the tree. You try to take something, and for that reason you throw something. But if you do not know how to throw the stone, you cannot take any dates from the tree. The date is the wisdom. For that, it is important for everyone to know how to be. Through the surrender, and through the trust of Allah, He can give him everything.

For that I say, trust God and surrender for your Beloved God, and you will see that He gives you everything you need, and He gives you want He wants, until you see yourself without separation completely in the world of the Unity. Yes.

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